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MDK Interview

Exclusive Interview with Michael Kade By Amanda 

Coded G6: A brilliant novel that has a little bit of everything.

Hot guy pursing beautiful girl?
Superhuman abilities plus unresolved danger?
Check and check.

What is Coded G6?

Written by emerging author Hillary LayelleCoded G6 tells the story of Claire and Michael, two college students whose worlds collide in a way that can only be described as unbelievable. On one hand you have Claire a returning sophomore (and a bit of a perfectionist) who would like nothing more than to focus on earning her college credits. On the other hand you have Michael, a student who is definitely much more than just a normal college male. As a result of private scientific research, he has developed heighten human senses. Simply put, he can read minds. Unfortunately on the heels of this newfounddiscovery, comes a whole new world filled with secrets and shady characters.

Today we have the great pleasure of interviewing Mr. Michael Kade of Coded G6, who takes a break from his busy schedule for an exclusive one on one with us!
Thank you for joining me today Mr. Kade as I'm sure your research responsibilities keep you extremely busy. Can you walk us through a day in the life of Mr. Michael Kade?
It’s a pleasure, Amanda. I can tell you that my life doesn’t exactly follow a pattern from one day to the next. I’ve recently dropped my schedule at the U due to an extended leave out of the country. My only other constant at this point would be Claire. I don’t eat or sleep as often as I did before the conversion, and I used to spend that extra time in the cage learning more about combined martial arts. Now I’ve got a house full of guests to keep entertained and out of trouble: my twin sister, Brandie and a couple of new business partners who are considering relocating to Alaska.

Using one sentence or less, how would you describe yourself?

I’m thoroughly competitive and one who will fiercely protect those I love.

Is there anything else you are able to share with us about your research with Dr. Watkins? We already know that hearing the thoughts of others is one of the discoveries you've uncovered. What else should we know?

My research with Dr. Watkins was, at one point, something we were hoping to publish once it was proven. However, in light of a recent . . . affiliation, we are obligated to keep certain discoveries confidential. I can tell you that since the conversion, all of my senses, as well as strength, speed, and memory have been vastly improved. Think Superman without the ability to fly or see through nightgowns.

How exciting! That brings us to our next topic: Claire. Is she a game changer for your research?

Yes, absolutely. Claire is the first female to possess the necessary traits for conversion in the history of our kind. Therefor she’s an invaluable subject in our study, should she be willing to participate of course.

Aside from her, um, scientific benefits, how do you really feel about her? Is there a deeper relationship in the works?

Obviously her bloodline sets her aside in a scientific light, but I was drawn to her before that potential was discovered. It seems like women try too hard; often a pretty exterior tends to warp the thoughts of its owner into shallow or cruel desires. This doesn’t apply to Claire. She may be stubborn and an obsessive perfectionist, but her thoughts are an easy place to be. When we’re together, everything fits. She’ll find out soon enough that I’m after more than her . . . test results.

And one final question. Knowing what you know now regarding this amazing journey you've embarked on, do you have any regrets?

Definitely not. Wallowing in what could have been is for the weak. I’m not saying things always go as planned or that I never make mistakes, but I own up to the results, evaluate them, and move forward. I don’t waste time on regret.

Thank you again Michael for talking with me today. I look forward to hearing and sharing with everyone how things work out for you and Claire. Please keep us updated!