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About the Author

Layelle (Lael) was the middle name given to me in honor of my Uncle Lynn and Aunt Cheryl who left their mark on this world and moved on to the next. Both amazing influences in my life, they demonstrated rock solid morals, tremendous patience, perpetual generosity, and contagious laughter. They may or may not have been interested in this type of literature, but I remember their lives with this pen name.

After seven years with a major mortgage broker— filling the roles of tech support, tax specialist, gain and loss agent, and margin analyst—and a couple years as the top-selling agent for a new home builder, I resolved to finish my degree and spend more time with my family. Now I get to take classes online from USU, raise my three crazy awesome kids, and whenever possible, let the characters in my head come to life.
I’m a lucky wife, loving mother, avid reader, passionate snowboarder, crochet master, and aspiring best-selling author!