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Exciting News!

Thanks to your feedback, I’ve opted to make MDK Switch a Part Two of Coded G6, rather than Book Two of The Trexel Series. I hope it won’t be too confusing of a change, but it fits better this way. MDK is coming much faster and easier than the first book, and has surprised me with its twisted plot. Attempting to juggle other responsibilities in my life is proving difficult as this all-consuming world of Kade has me hanging on by my fingernails. Coming to you very soon, Coded G6, Part Two will knock your socks off.

~ H

P.S. The LONDON, UK votes won for Kade's trip to discover the Trexel. Here is an excerpt:

Detached from my life and research in Alaska, I considered the reality of my existence. Not only was I a part of a superhuman race, but I was immortal. The pedestrians crossing the street in front of us seemed utterly fragile. They could scar, age, and die. I could live in the damn sea if I chose to; becoming the monster of legends. Or alternately, join the Trexel immortals who attempted to murder me yesterday.

I'm super excited to share the rest with you, it is magically falling into place!