Zero Filter


Rockin' Out Book One

Sleep deprived, over emotional and craving tomatoes—eight months pregnant— I was studying for a Biology exam when it hit me: I think I know enough about the human brain to tweak it as an explanation for a super human race! Coded G6 gave me an opportunity to explore that notion and put my ideal read into words for others to enjoy. Well, the beginning of it anyway. Unique fantasy? Check. Romance? Affirmative. Tremendously good looking immortal? 10-4.

I did a heap of research on Anchorage, AK, where this part of the series takes place and, after asking my incredibly gifted brother to design the cover and hiring an editor to pick my work apart, I can finally offer a FREE ebook in an attempt to lure you into my fantasy series. Warning: there is an abundance of coffee drinking in this book because I was attempting to do without it at the time and missing it dearly. Enjoy!